Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ginger rice wine noodles

Head over to Imbi market for a bowl of heart warming noodles. You can opt for the usual meehoon or order it with mee sua. Served in a unique square bowl, paired with finely cut cili padi - this bowl of noodles will have you sweating in no time!
Priced at RM7.50 for single portion, it is slightly more expensive than your usual bowl of noodles.  But Aunty doesn't skimp on the ingredients too, noodles topped with lotsa egg, ginger, pork slices and prawn - it will keep you filled up all the way till lunch time. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pigging out..

Happy New Year 2013 ! 2 months late to wish this, but this is after all the first post for year 2013. One of my new year resolutions that I have written down on some piece of paper is to update my blog more often - at least with the food pictures that I insist of snapping before every meal. ( Now I have to find my piece of paper with my resolutions on it! (>_<)

Last night, we went to 3 Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf, in Bangsar Village. This is our second visit for the week, as we were just there on Saturday, celebrating Brandon's birthday. I like the simplicity of the menu, the coziness of the room and most of all, the porky goodness! In 2 separate visits, these are the pictures that I have taken.. Let them speak for themselves. 

Pork Knuckle RM98 ( Enough to feed 2 -3 pax)

 Big Bad Burger

Grilled Pork Pesto Pasta (RM27)
Pork Lover's Aglio Olio (RM27)

  The Wolf’s Favourite ( RM27)
Roast Pork Rice (RM19)

There are a few more items on the menu that I will like to try. I will keep some space for desserts the next time, the Deep-Fried Mars bar looks interesting. By the way, their Happy Hour starts from 9pm onwards, a pint of Hoegaarden is going for RM20.00 only.
 So,  in my best imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger... I  will be back!

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf,
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I,

Kuala Lumpur
 Tel: 03-2283-2270
Open daily, 10am-10pm

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Grandma, My Superwoman

The unfinished post... since April...

My grandma - whom we fondly call MaMa. She was our Superwoman, and will always be.

After battling 17 days in the hospital, she finally left us on 1st April 2012. On April Fools Day? oh how we wished it was a just a joke. But reality hit us hard on the face when we saw her still body on the hospital bed.

We were packing our things and making our way to the hospital when I called Mommy, saying that maybe I will drop by in the evening instead, after my event in the Hotel. But she said calmly,

" No lar, I think you better come now, Mama left already"
" Har???"

That was the only word I could utter, and nothing else came out from my mouth. Darling stopped the car and asked me what was wrong, and I told him. He was as shocked as I was. The first phone call I made was to my sisters, asking them to go to hospital quickly without saying the reason. Second phone call, was to my assistant at work, asking her to fill in at the Hotel to overlook the event. By now, tears were streaming down my face already, screaming in disbelief that I have lost my dear Grandmother. It felt like a lie, a cruel lie... as I was just with her the night before - talking and laughing with her. Darling did his best to calm me down, comforting me and driving to the hospital at the same time is not easy at all. I cried out loudly in the car as I couldn't accept the fact that she has left us. He drove as fast as he could, and when we reached Tong Shin hospital..I made my way up to the room. I couldn't bear watching her lifeless body on that bed, and it was certainly not easy to hold back my tears as I stood there with the rest of my family, saying Goodbye..

The next few days in Bentong, going through the funeral service and many prayer sessions was more painful than anything.Knowing that the buckets of tears that we shed will never bring her back to us. As I knelt down in front of the coffin, while the chantings were going on, I had so many flashbacks of Mama. She was there in every stage of my life, every little thing she said and did, I could remember it all so well. As the burial day came, the hard truth sank in, that I will never see her again. But I know that she will always live in our hearts, and the memories that we have will always be there..

I miss you Mama...and I promise that I will take good care of Yeh Yeh...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Prime Experience

After waiting patiently for a week, our date night with Chef Antoine at Prime was finally here! 
Joey and I made our way to Le Meridien at 6+, and was caught in a slight jam at Jalan Tun Razak. Darling was  already waiting for us at the hotel.

The hostess at Prime showed us to a table for 4, we were greeted by Elan, Assist F & B Director, whom we met the last time we were here in Prime.  After we were seated, Fauzy, - F&B Director of Le Meridien came by to sit with us. I was introduced to him at MOsaic when he and Chef Antoine were here in MOsaic for lunch. Fauzy sat with us while we flip thru the menu in excitement, contemplating on what we should order. We finally settled for the Wagyu Prime Rib (RM480 -1kg). Since we know that it is good enough for 3 of us, we only added a side dish of Truffle Mashed Potatoes and Creamy Spinach with Garlic. 

Chef Antoine popped in to say hello, amidst the busyness in Latest Recipe which was doing 300 covers for that night. He arranged some appetizers for us, and boy were we in for a treat! I shall let the pictures below do all the talking.

Selection of bread and butter - Italian herbs, plain, arugula
Caesar Salad
Truffle Ravioli
Crab cakes with mango salsa
Wagyu Prime Ribs
Sauces: Mushroom, Truffle, Chimmichurri

Side dishes: Truffle Mashed Potatoes, and Garlic Asparagus (our order for Creamy Spinach was wrongly heard somehow)

We were honored to have the company of Chef Antoine for the next two hours, the jovial and bubbly chef shared his experiences and funny tales with us, which kept us giggling throughout the night. And at the end of the event, of cos the must have picture with Chefie... 

Thanks for the lovely treat and mostly the great company!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Backdated: 26 October 2011 - Sage, Gardens

This is almost ancient. Blame it on the increasing dose of laziness I have been drinking.

This was back in October 2011, on my birthday which I fell sick. In the morning, I woke up feeling sluggish. Switching from hot and cold, and vice versa, my birthday was almost spoiled. After breakfast, I slept with a cold towel, until it was supposedly lunch time. We made plans to have Japanese buffet at Gonbei, Starhill, using a promo that darling bought some time back. Not wanting to spoil the lunch plans, I dragged myself out from bed, showered and changed. As he drove down to KL, he missed the junction to Jln Sultan Ismail, which is the right way to
Bkt Bintang.

I: "Hey, you missed the turning."
He: "Aah, we are not going to Gonbei today."
I: " Hrmm.. where are we going?"
He: " Somewhere nice which you and I like"
Turning into Mid Valley City, I exclaimed!
I: "Sage! That's where you are bringing me.Right?"
He: "Smart girl, that's where we are having lunch today"

It was a lovely treat, and being sick didn't stop me from having a good lunch. Thank you for the suprise darling ♥

For now, I will let the pictures speak itself...

The menu

Freshly baked bread with pesto dip

Homemade Tagliotini Pasta
with Pacific Oyster and Parmesan cheese

Slow cooked Smoked Salmon
with Mousseline of Cauliflower and Ikura

Herbs crusted Lamb Rack
with Dauphinoise Potatoes and Meaux Mustard

Two way Preparations of Mushroom Risotto
with Foie Gras and King Prawn Bisque